Simple Hijab Style for women!

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Every hijabistas are aware that there are a wide range of hijab designs available from many brands in the market. It will sometime be hard to keep track especially if you are busy working and no time to stay up-to-date with fashion trends. Hijabista career ladies who are working in front of the laptop in the office or rushing in and our meeting clients should definitely look at these three hijab style for women to try.

One simple loop

The one simple loop wrap is perfect for women who want to look elegant in their own comfort hijab styling. You do not have to practice making fancy hijab styling as a one simple loop maintains a clean cut hijab look without trying so hard. Choose the various hijab shawls offered depending on your fashion taste and pull it off with confidence to work.

Instant shawl

The instant shawls are always a best-selling product as a lot of women from all age groups love the practicality of it. You do not have to fuss over placing in a brooch to make it neat or worried it looks crippled as instants shawls are made to provide you an easy fit. This will benefit you especially when you are in a hurry to go to work or overslept in the morning.


The tudung bawal has been quite the pick since over the past 10 years where women are seen matching their outfits with different tudung bawal colours. The bawal hijab fashion is not going anywhere as it is suitable for women to wear without worrying looking out of date. By using a nice brooch pin or two, you can have that modest yet prerrty hijab look. Besides that, bawal tudung material is light weight which makes it perfect to be worn in a hot climate weather country like Malaysia.

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  1. wanita zaman sekarang suka yang simple yet sopan kan..

  2. Singgah pagi kat sini...
    Sihat sally?

  3. yoorin suka instant shawl..sesuai laa org yg nak cepat serba serbi .. hehe.

  4. setakat ini masih rajin berloop loop lagi...ha ha ha....

  5. akak suka looping looping... hhuhuhu

  6. Saya pakai tudung akel je. hehehe


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