Congrats Adam Levine! #AdamLevineWOF

9:08:00 AM Sally Samsaiman 6 Comments

Yeayh! You deserved this man!

Congrats to Adam Levine for being awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame! Even-though I feel the star should have MAROON 5 on it by rights, it's not a one-man band but still, congratulation man!

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  1. Fuyoohhhhh, hebatlah Adam. Dah lama tak follow news pasal dia, so tak tahu pun dia dapat benda ni.

  2. Wah,..dah dapat bintang dah dia!

  3. oohh.. nama dia Adam ke? Yg suara unik tu kan

  4. fuiyiooo.. macam dah naik pangkat..


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