Broken Heart story..hahahaha

11:26:00 AM Sally Samsaiman 9 Comments

Strictly under 18 is prohibited! :P

Behind the scene for Jung Yong Hwa solo music video (solo debut)

what a great gifts for all the fans..hahahaha


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  1. patutlah 18 prohibited. hahahah :D

  2. ouchhhh! hahahah. you know what, dulu kan saya minat kpop. and yesss yonghwa is one of my bias. sumpah benci tgk dia dgn seohyun dlm we got married! thats why i anti gg dulu hahahhaa. especially seohyun. hehwhewhwew

  3. oiii comolot hahahahah tetibe comment cmni..

  4. haip haip....ade adegan kanak2 xleh tengok! heheheheh :D

  5. alamak... beta kekanak lagi... *tutup mata dengan ibu jari*


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