Drama | (1998) My Fair Princess.

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Kalau korang ingat dalam entry [10 Days Challenge] - Day 2 : 2 Film, Sally ada selitkan sedikit pasal cerita My Fair Princess...Cerita ni bukan cerita Korea ye tapi sebuah drama mandarin...Cerita ni Sally tengok masa tahun 1998, tahun tu cerita ni baru je keluar...tapi Sally mmg suka gila tengok cerita ni....

Cast utk season 1 & 2
In the year 1759, 17-year-old Xia Ziwei and her maid Jinsuo travel from Jinan to the Qing Empire capital Beijing, in an effort to meet her father, the Qianlong Emperor, for the first time. Qianlong Emperor had a relationship with her mother Xia Yuhe during a trip to Daming Lake, Jinan 18 years ago, and Xia Yuhe had held the secret away from Ziwei until her recent death, before which she told Ziwei to seek her father. Unable to enter the Forbidden City, Ziwei and Jinsuo meet adventuress Xiaoyanzi, also 17, at a wedding. An orphan since a young age, Xiaoyanzi lives with siblings Liu Qing and Liu Hong in a dazayuan (residential compound). The two girls become sworn sisters, and Ziwei informs Xiaoyanzi of her mission.
Xiaoyanzi and Ziwei decide that going to the mountains during the emperor's hunting trip offers the best chance to meet him. As the climb proves too difficult for the frail Ziwei and Jinsuo, Ziwei gives Xiaoyanzi her mother's fan and painting, both gifts from the emperor, and sends Xiaoyanzi as her messenger. Xiaoyanzi successfully reaches the hunting grounds but is seriously wounded with an arrow by Yongqi, Qianlong Emperor's 5th son, during the hunt. Qianlong Emperor recognizes her items and mistakes the unconscious Xiaoyanzi for his and Xia Yuhe's daughter. Once Xiaoyanzi wakes up and recovers, she is given the title "Princess Huanzhu" ("Princess Returning Pearl"). Attempts to reveal the truth go unsuccessfully, and she also realizes that she may be charged with deceiving the emperor — an automatic death sentence — if the truth comes out.
One day, Ziwei sees Xiaoyanzi parading the streets in a sedan chair as a princess and believes Xiaoyanzi has deceived her. She chases after the sedan chair, causing a commotion, and gets beaten by soldiers. Fu Erkang, one of the emperor's bodyguards, rescues her and learns of her story. Afterwards, Ziwei and Jinsuo begin to live at the Fu household as Erkang and Ziwei gradually begin to fall in love.
Meanwhile, Yongqi, Fu Erkang and his brother Fu Ertai sneak Xiaoyanzi out of the Forbidden City to reunite her with Ziwei, who kindly forgives her. Not wanting to risk Xiaoyanzi's life, Ziwei is willing to keep the secret and give up claims to princess. However, as Erkang is the son of minister Fu Lun, they cannot marry as long as she is only a commoner. The gang decide the best way to reveal the secret to the emperor is to bring Ziwei and Jinsuo into the Forbidden City as imperial maids. In the palaces, Ziwei quickly attracts the emperor's attention with her talents, intelligence, and compassion. This arouses the jealousy of the empress, who secretly has her stabbed with needles at the Palace of Earthly Tranquility. Ziwei nearly dies but is rescued by her friends. Qianlong Emperor becomes more impressed with Ziwei after this incident, and decides to take her as well as Xiaoyanzi and Yongqi on a private trip outside of Beijing, dressed as civilians.
During the trip, feelings between Xiaoyanzi and Yongqi, who is aware that she is not his sister, begin to rise. The trip is abruptly ended when a group of Dacheng Jiao sect members try to assassinate the emperor. Ziwei bravely shields the emperor from a knife before the assassins are all obliterated. Ziwei miraculously survives the stabbing, and the emperor decides to marry Ziwei as his concubine.
Meanwhile, Princess Saiya from Tibet has arrived in Beijing. She develops a crush on Erkang, and Qianlong Emperor decides to approve their marriage. As Ziwei and Erkang are deeply in love by this point, the gang decide to finally reveal Ziwei's secret. The emperor is shocked by the possibility that the girl he wanted to marry is in fact his daughter, and particularly angry that Xiaoyanzi and Ziwei, two girls he trust the most, have tricked him. Xiaoyanzi, Ziwei and Jinsuo are all imprisoned at the Imperial Clan Court to await interrogations.
On orders of the empress, Liang Tinggui, the man in charge of the Imperial Clan Court, tries to force the girls to sign a statement that their intentions were to murder the emperor. When they refuse, the trio are whipped harshly. Knowing that the three cannot survive long in such conditions, Yongqi, Erkang, Ertai and the Liu siblings risk their lives and break into the jail to free the girls. At the same time, Qianlong Emperor realizes how much he loves Xiaoyanzi and Ziwei and decides to release them, but is furious after discovering that they had already escaped.
After briefly on the run, the friends decide to return to the Forbidden City. Despite his original intention to behead them all, Qianlong Emperor is heartbroken to learn that the three girls were tortured in prison. He forgives all of them, beheads Liang Tinggui, and accepts both Ziwei and Xiaoyanzi as his daughters. He also orders the empress to be punished but relents after Ziwei pleads mercy on her behalf.
The last obstacle, the marriage proposal between Saiya and Erkang, is solved when Ertai courts Saiya and successfully wins her heart. The story concludes with a ceremony, during which Ziwei is proclaimed "Princess Mingzhu" ("Princess Bright Pearl"), and Qianlong Emperor announcing the engagements between Xiaoyanzi and Yongqi, Ziwei and Erkang, and Ertai and Saiya.

Nama pun sinopsis...mmg panjang...hahaha...yang ni baru satu season je Sally share...kalau Sally share 3 season pun sinopsis, lagi la panjang...hahahaha...Cerita yang berkonsepkan kung fu, romantik komedi...mmg Sally suka sangat...lagi-lagi kalau macam cerita ni ada ala-ala Cinderella pulak sebab main cast dia orang biasa yang bercinta dengan putera raja...hoooiii laaa...manyak syok!

Cast utk season 3

Sally ada semua episod daripada season satu sampai season tiga...sebab Sally dengan kakak mmg suka gila cerita ni...dulu siap simpan duit belanja masa sekolah sebab nak beli CD original tau...Sally kongsi dengan kakak la...since daripada cerita ni la Sally dengan kakak mmg nak sangat belajar bahasa Mandarin...gagah kan?

Tapi untuk season 3 dah bertukar dia punya cast...cuma ada beberapa cast aje yang masih kekal...but still okay la...Pada tahun 2011, ada remake cerita ni...tapi yang tu Sally tak pernah tengok..sebab semua watak dia bukan orang yang sama...so, I have no interest on watching it...aishhh...

Siapa pernah tengok cerita ni...? Kalau pernah tu meh nak gimme five sikit..kekeke

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Anak buah pertama 5B'07 kami :)

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Wan Muhammad Rayyan.

Yeay! Alhamdulillah....ni la anak buah kami yang pertama...anak kepada Wan Nazrin dan jugak Fiza Mazlan yang Sally pernah cerita dalam entry Congrats Wan! dan jugak entry Wedding, Melaka Trip (Part 1)... dalam tu kalau korang baca korang akan kenal la ayah kepada Rayyan...hehehe...

Buat masa ni Sally belum sempat nak jumpa dengan Rayyan sebab Rayyan dengan mama dia dah balik Melaka untuk berpantang kat sana...sepatutnya hari ni kami nak ke Melaka tapi tak sempat la pulak...so, terpaksa la kena tunggu mereka balik KL nanti...Kamarul dengan Syawal je la yang sempat jumpa baby Rayyan kat Hospital Putrajaya lepas dia lahir Khamis lepas....

Alhamdulillah...happy gila kitorang budak kelas 5 Bestari'07 bila dapat tau yang Rayyan dah lahir...seronok tu jangan kira la sebab ni anak buah pertama kami...kekekeke...bak kata dorang....tahun depan dah kena save duit untuk duit raya anak-anak buah sebab insyaAllah akan ada lagi sorang yang lahir...eh, bukan anak Wan la...anak Eja pulak...

Happy! ^_^

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From Etude House to The Face Shop.

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Hehehe...Kalau korang pernah baca blog Sally tahun ni...Sally banyak cerita pasal barangan Utude House...Tapi semalam kali pertama Sally masuk ke kedai The Face Shop...Actually kedua-dua kedai ni menjual barangan daripada Korea...eh, bukan la Sally obses dengan barangan Korea...tapi Sally mmg suka barang-barang dia...

Semalam Sally beli Nose strip je...hehehe...sebab barang-barang yang lain Sally dah beli daripada Etude House..kekeke...kantoi kan...hahahaha...Korang boleh la cuba barangan daripada Etude House, The Face Shop, Skin Food...dorang punya barang-barang facial mmg terbaik...Sally suka pakai...

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