Happy 51st Birthday, Mama

8:53:00 AM Sally Samsaiman 21 Comments


Hari ni Puan Surina Low dah makin tua...hehehe....

My one and only sis, on her E-Day with mama.
To mama,
Happy 51st Birthday, Mama..
Semoga mama sentiasa kekal sihat dan dimurahkan rezeki...sentiasa nampak muda...diberikan kesihatan yang berpanjangan dan semoga kekal berada disamping kami selama mungkin...take care, be happy and I will make you proud of me...InsyaAllah...

Thanks for being the world best step mother...and I will never feel ashamed to called you mom even I'm not coming from your tummy...May Allah always bless you mama.

Me love you muchyyy...


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