Thursday, October 2, 2014

Was this consider as a love story..?

Not long time ago, there was a guy...telling a very naive, decent girl how much he loves her..and even promised that he will always be by her for her and miss her all the time. He promised the girl that he will never left. One day, the girl went out of town for a couple of days due to some matters. The guy was sad that the girl had to go & told her that he will miss her so badly in those couple of days.

When she got back, the guy went 'missing'. No calls, no messages, no news at all. The girl been crying so hard in her prayers, worried and even asked God to look after him on her behalf.

Day by day gone, until one SMS came in from the guy. He said that the relationship is not gonna work out. When being asked about the matter (inclusive about the third party that always the best way to cut off the relationship), he denied. There was no other girl he said. So, the girl asked,

"What about the whole I LOVE U things you said to me? Didn't it mean anything to you...?"

Without any guilt, the guy said,

"I didn't mean to hurt you but I was confused....."

Both 'confusion' & 'breakup texts hurt the girl so much. She even crying like hell about the things that happened...but she finally wiped her tears and move on. A few days after being dumped, the guy updated his Facebook status saying that he's in a relationship with *@#*@#*.

Tears dropped on the girl cheeks. But later she's smiled and thanked God for "saving" her fragile heart from that guy. She realized that kind of guy doesn't even deserved her.

She's now can still see all the photos of the guy and his new girlfriend being uploaded every single time. Yup, still..until today. But it doesn't bother the girl at all. She knew it didn't worth to cry anymore. She is now getting stronger, feeling blessed and thank God for wonderful family & friends who loved and care for her.


  1. menangis lah andai itu boleh mengurangkan kesakitan

  2. OMG! Seriously macam kisah seorang 'kawan' fe.
    Sedih memang sedih tapi tak guna nak kenangkan lelaki macam tu.
    Dia boleh move on, takkan kita nak terhegeh-hegeh, ye dak? And 'kawan' fe dah moved on. Alhamdulillah :)

  3. Baguslah kalau diorang dah break. Tak guna kalau ada laki mcm tu pun.


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