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Merepek lagi...kali ni pasal Gochujang...Gochujang (고추장, hot pepper paste) is one of the most beloved spices in Korea.Diperbuat daripada steamed rice or barley, rice cake powder, or rice porridge mixed with fermented soybean powder, salt, and red pepper powder.

The Health Benefits of Gochujang

Gochujang contains abundant nutrients benefiting the human body: protein, fat, vitamin B2, vitamin C, carotenes, and more. Capsaicin is the naturally-occurring compound found in peppers: it’s what gives gochujang its spicy taste. Capsaicin is believed to have anti-bacterial effects, prevent diseases and facilitate recovery by helping cleanse out body systems, reduce body fat, and prevent obesity. In addition, the beta-carotenes and vitamin C found in gochujang are believed to have anticarcinogenic and antimutagenic properties.

Koreans love the spicy taste of gochujang and often eat it as part of a meal when they feel stressed out or down in the dumps. Often, eating spicy food causes sweating and makes one feel refreshed, a feeling associated with the chemical processing of capsaicin in the body.
Gochujang ni selalu digunakan dalam Bibimbap, tteokbokki (rice cakes in hot sauce), gochujang stew, dan bibimguksu (noodles with vegetables and gochujang). Kiranya banyak masakan yang menggunakan gochujang ni...terutamanya Bibimbap, nantikan Bibimbap version Sally ye...InsyaAllah nak buat esok atau lusa...sebab haritu dapat banyak Gochujang yang halal daripada Korean Air..kekeke...kat Malaysia ni banyak jual tapi hati-hati sebab ada yang ingredient dia daripada rice wain, so yang tu tak halal...kalau nak, cari yang ingredient dia halal..okay?

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  1. nampak macam sedap tapi still belum rasa nak try hu hu...jap sally... i love you...ha ha ha...

  2. Ingat kan nama orang tadi.. Adoi.. Haha..

  3. Ahh, terliur tengok bibimbap TT____TT. teringin nak buat sendiri~~ i'll be waiting for your recipe ^^=

  4. Masa pergi bilik kawan Korean dekat Jasper, dia pun ada gochujang ni.

    errrr..tertekan capslock plak da T _ T

  6. wah!best nyer dapat gochujang


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