Friday, September 26, 2014

FNC KINGDOM in Japan - STARLIGHT this December 2014!

FNC Entertainment, the home agency of FT Island, CNBLUE, Juniel, AOA, and N.Flying, will hold their second family concert on this coming December in Japan!

The artists of FNC Entertainment (as stated) will perform together on stage for the second time in “FNC KINGDOM in Japan - STARLIGHT” in both Tokyo and Osaka, Japan.

The artists will meet their fans at first in Makuhari Messe, Tokyo on December 20th and followed by another concert that will be held at Osaka Castle Hall, Osaka on December 27th.

Well, as usual..the most heartbreaking news for Sally Samsaiman because she was unable to attend the concert...for sure...

Till then, I'm gonna cry under my table..Wake me up when December ends! Hahahhaha...LOL!


  1. okay nak gelak jap. HAHAHAHA! Akak, jangan drama nak tidur sampai hujung December sangat eh. kihkihkihh :p

    1. terpaksa....hahaha...bukan boleh percaya kak Una dgn Kak Bai tu...kang tetiba sampai Japan...sakit pulak hati kita :P

    2. Eh jap, umur dorang berapa? Thought umur korang sama. Haa tau takpe. Macam ada ura-ura kesana je depa dua tu. Best betul jadi dorang ~~

    3. Hahahaha...akak bahasakan "kak" tu on behalf Fe la...bukan akak dengan dorang...hehehe... Bai rasanya pergi Arena je kot...FNC Kingdom maybe tak...

  2. awak mesti excited kalau dia buat kat malaysia


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