Pakej Murah Seoul 2017

Lazada Malaysia

Kpop Giveaway by Syaniz

1:32:00 PM Sally Samsaiman 12 Comments

3 group yang diminati:
CNBLUE | Big Bang | Akdong Musician

Ultimate Bias:
Jung Yong Hwa

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  1. eh mcm senang ja GA ni ^_^ gud luck sally

  2. fuyohh bigbanggg :D i minat bigbang :P eheheh

  3. good luck sally comel. hikhik

  4. Thanks join, Sally !

    Yonghwa ? Haha~ Hai madu . Yonghwa comel kan ? Saya minat dia sejak Marry Him If You Dare.

    Apepun, Good Luck!

  5. akdong musician bestkan kak sally. suka lagu diaorang. cnblue dengan bigbang best jugak :D


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