The Liebster Award by Danee

11:28:00 PM Sally Samsaiman 7 Comments

Liebster Award yang ketiga...fuhhh~

1-Have you played any sport? What kind of sport and why.
For meantime, No...but before this I'm quite active with bowling tenpin...other than indoor sports, there's nothing...

2-Screenshot of your phone wallpaper.

*Taken from last CNBLUE Can't Stop Live in Singapore.

3-What is color describe you the best? why?
Blue and you should know whenever you scroll around my blog.

4-Where do you prefer to travel?
Korea, Paris, Europe and Maldives!

5-If you go to a movie, do you sit at the back, middle or front?
I will be in the middle..because I hate to be too front and I don't like to be at the back!

6-Do you prefer twitter or Facebook?
I'm not that interested tweeting or maybe because I just dunno what to tweet, perhaps?

7-What does rich mean to you?
Money and SMILE..helpful and Caffeine!

8-Do you prefer theory or practical?
As for me, of course practical...

9-Name 3 boyband/boy group/singer that you like.
p/s : Taufik Batisah, Adam Levine & Maroon 5

10-What that annoy you the most?
People who telling lies after lies.

11-What is your ideal boy/girl type?
Exactly like Jung Yong Hwa..hahahaha... :)

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  1. jawab pon hiihihi
    eipp eipp
    ideal boy type tuu :p

    1. laaaa...kenapa nya..? ingat akak x jawab ke..? LOL...

      mohon dengki dan muntah hijau :D

  2. thanks sebab jawab :) wahhh, semua jawab ada kaitan rapat dengan CNBLUE.. i like~~hihi

    1. You're most welcome dear! thanks for the tags! hihihi....will always be :)


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