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AOA - Love is on you.

2:54:00 PM Sally Samsaiman 9 Comments

Referring to this entry...

A few people requesting for this song...well the entry I just get some of the lyrics...for me the lyrics was written beautifully and I just love the meaning...

AOA or (Ace of Angels) also one of Kpop group in Korea, they are in the same management of CNBLUE...FNC Ent...I think people will notice them...a group with plenty of pretty women, consist of Seolhyunari,  Choaya,  Hyejeong Linus, Chanmi T.T., and Yunaria..hahaha...try for English translation of the'll fine it lovely and sweet...

A bit biased here, I'll start listening to the song because just knowing that Jung Yong Hwa was the person who composing the song..hehehe...the song was composed in 2012...

kak +Farah Waheda Wahid , you should try listening to this one also! hahaha


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