It's Monday.

11:15:00 AM Sally Samsaiman 10 Comments

oh! already Monday..? yeah.. I kind of get Monday blues this morning...huwaaa...I'm totally tired from non stop classes yesterday...additional of waiting for the train to arrived and get back...I hardly choose hard paper this semester to fulfill my degree schedule...3 subject with 4 credit hours....I can't even imagine how to get through this semester....additional of learning new language...luckily it's Mandarin not Korean or Japan language...Mandarin also can get me real headache...lucky to have mama..hehehe...she's Chinese and can speaks mandarin...I should asked her to help me though...yes, my mama is my step mother and she's converting from Buddha to Islam...alhamdulillah! ^_^

Full schedule for weekend is not good for me..I body starting to get fever, I started to feel bloom, my face started to looked pale like dead people and I extremely tired...huwaaa...why my antibody is that LOW..?? I can even get up I used to be without degree time...I mean yeah, it's semester break...but now it's not break time already!!

huhuhu... I hope to get through this semester really fast! I mean, really really that fast!! Happy Monday people...even not that Happy Monday for me though..SMILE!

p/s : why did I update in English..? LOL...sleeping head mood I guess!

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  1. bila nak jumpa jumaat balik nie...hehehehe

  2. hahaha..tiba2 entry englis keluar..hehehe..chayok2 sally

  3. Amboiii..asal monday je..fever truss...cit..haha

  4. makan vitamin banyak2 yer sally ^_^

  5. salam isnin sally akak tak sempat nak monday blues hari ni...ha ha ha...busy melampau...

  6. symptom-symptom tu macam nak jadi...zombie je :D

    get well soon sis :)

    p/s: jom support segmen fifi :)

  7. wah,mama tiri akak chinese masuk islam ye...alhamdulillah:) bestler dapat belajar mandarin dari mak^-^

  8. Great that you have ur mama. So that's super advantages for u and so no reason for not scoring an A for ur mandarin subject.


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