2013 CNBlue Blue Moon World Tour in Jakarta

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Wahhh! konsert CNBLUE kat Jakarta pulak...incoming ni....yang tak best sebab tiket dia murah berbanding masa dekat KL...mungkin tak la semurah RM50 kebawah...tapi bahagian Moon Zone dia better dari Malaysia punya konsert ari tu kot!
Meanwhile, lets check ticket prices and seating pan of this concert below.
Event Details:
Event : 2013 CNBlLUE Blue Moon World Tour in Jakarta
Date : October 19th, 2013
Venue : Tennis Indoor Stadium – Senayan
Time     : 7PM
Ticket Prices:
VIP : IDR 1.800.000 (RM 536.40)
Moon Zone : IDR 1.800.000 (RM 536.40)
Festival : IDR 1.000.000 (RM 298)
Tribune : IDR 600.000 (RM178.80)
overall, cuma tiket Tribune tu je yang sama macam basic tiket kat Malaysia...yang Moon Zone dia murah RM100 berbanding kat Malaysia kot..hehehe...nak g Jakarta la macam ni..boleh..?? hahaha...okay, sally gurau je pun sebenarnya...saje nak kongsi berita dengan BOICE Indonesia >_<
Stay tune for next update for the event!
Source : kavenyou

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