For A Man Called FRIEND.

2:23:00 PM Sally Samsaiman 1 Comments

All day I’ve been wanting to see your face
I can’t seem to focus on any of my work
The smile on your face when you sometimes stare at me
Without even realizing I want to confess to you that I like you.
I like being just a friend to you
If it means that I’ll be by your side
I don’t want to forget you
Cuz you’re my most important friend
you′re my best friend
but you can′t be my boyfriend

Whenever I look at you,
You always look back at me as just a friend
you′re my everything
but I can’t confess to you
You live inside my heart
Whenever I’m staring at you
As nothing more than just a friend

Without even realizing my heart starts to hurt
I’m afraid that my true feelings will show
So I try to hide it to myself
I’m slowly growing farther away from you
From now on when I’m by your side
I’ll see you only as a good friend
But I’ll still cherish you
As much as I like you....

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