Thursday, May 5, 2011

Yo te amo.

In simple words, I miss you..
In earthly language, you are my life
In total simplicity, the kindness is of your skin
The strength inside moves me
And in your body I find peace
If life permits me to be by your side
I have no doubt, my dreams will grow
If I were to lose my life in a second,
Let me be full of you
To live life after loving you.
Have no fears or doubts
This love is much to good
You will be my man
I belong to you entirely
Look at my chest, It is open
For you to live in it.
For your peace of mind, you have me in your hands
For you are my only weakness
to the end, I only know that I will wait for you
That you are my life, and give me your light, and goodness
The world where your words are your will
The magic of this feeling, that is so strong and complete
And your eyes are my peace

p/s : its true i'm in love...its true i'm really fall for you...n its true..i'm now letting you go.

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