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a nightmare.

2:50:00 AM Sally Samsaiman 0 Comments

actually...i'm writing today cause I cant sleep..having to many things to think inside ma mind...having a difficulties in solving it..arghhh... i'm focusing in my life..ibu keep asking about ma soulmate...ibu dont u know ur daughter is fail in finding her soulmate..? ibu, I always keep seeing sumone dat cant never be mine..even I know da fact...but I keep hurting myself...

now, I start to hurt myself again...keep falling for him dat I already promise to become his very best frend..I dont know...I dont even care bout ma heart again...dear heart,I'm sorry for keep hurting u... : (

AA, I dun even know when u start to exist in my,I keep seeing u...keep wanted to see u...n make me really annoying with my self again...but I dont see diz feeling part of my love dream...I juz wanted u to be at my side...every time..everyday...every second when I need u...I know diz sound really selfish...but dats wat I felt bout u...AA...I'm hoping to be part of ur life...but not as part of ur heart...can..??

arghhh...I dunno...I dun even wanted diz all stupid feeling to exist...but they keep seeing my heart...n make me look even stupid n losing my self again...dear ALLAH ALMIGHTY,please show me new path dat is good for me...n make me a woman dat can control her self n always remembering U..

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