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My 22 Minutes of Survey :)

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di tag oleh kakak sayunk, ikrima zainuddin.
walaupun malas...adoi! ku buatkan jua...

Name : siti salyana samsaiman
Brother(S) : 2 berader n 1 cantik sista
Eye colour : oren2 cmpur coklat2 = hitam...heee
Shoe Size : always 7 for sandal n 8 for shoes...
Hair : Black
Piercing : have it, for sure kt telinga kn.(tiru2)
Height : 159cm *pendek kaa ??*
What are you wearing right now : black tshirt *kpm tuh*,jeans
Where do you live : Ampang, Selangor
Favorite Number : 16
Favorite Drink : teh ais...
Favorite month : opkos laa june n december...*cuti cuti cinta*
Favorite Breakfast : cekodok, jemput2 (sama kaa)
Broken a bone little toe...
Been In a police Car : erk...?
Fallen for a friend : juz haapen a few week ago...ngeee
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short time : uhmm...let see...opkos laa!
Swam In the ocean : umah kat kampong depan laut pulak kannn?
Fallen asleep In school : oways!
Broken someone's Heart : a few years ago...yes..
Cried when someone died : YES! Ma late
Sat by the phone all the night waiting for someone call : never....
Saved E-mails : nope!
Been cheated : never ever...sah la tipu!
Your room look a like : recycle bin...:)
What is right beside you : hp, modem, my doraemon n bantal bushuk!
What is the last thing you ate : bubur nasi...:)
Who did you last yell : budak umah sewa...sakit aty!
Who was the last person you danced with : lappy...*jalan2 ngn lappy sambil goyang2 tuh kire x..??*
Who last made you smile : nobody...!
What are you listening to right now : ost my girlfriend is a gumiho!
What did you do today :
updating BLOG.facebooking.main game.sms wawa.beli beras.
Are you the oldest : nope! always 10 years old...
Indoors or outdoors : Love both! 
Talk to someone you like : no..!
Kiss someone : no...!
Sing : 24/7...pulak sume korea...?
Talk to an Ex : no again...!
Miss someone? : YUP! keep seeing HIS page!
Eat : bubur nasi, cekodok nangka...
You talked on the phone to : MUHD SHAZLAN,nak tya psl oc!
Made you cry : nope!
You went to the mall with : ma ibu!
Who cheered you up : lappy!
Been to Mexico? : never!
Been to USA? : never again...!
Have a crush on someone : currently,YES!
What books are you reading right now : MODUL-MUDUL KELOMPOK for orientation!
Best feeling in the world : so many to write!
Future kids name : Nur Aleeya Natasha...sounds goods...?
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal : yup...
What's under your bed : hah! jeng-jeng-jeng...!
Favourite sports : Bowling .
Favorite place : Korea n Malaysia!
Who do you really hate : U! hhahaha...
Do you have a job : yup! jual nasi lemak...
What time is it now : 1.22 PM .
With however long it took you to complete this ,
post as "My __ Minutes survey" and tag 15 peoples.

* incik prof aredee..
* si panjang ku, syaraf
* encik paeipoi lan
* cik feez
* my yayunk, cik bintang a.k.a syifa'
* cik eyqa rynda
* cik lolyta, ajue
* budak techik, wawa
* ma big bro, saiful zamzury
* cik eila honey
* teddy bear , syukri
* cik ima
* hazura hassan
* cik zatil iwani
* encik rain ahmad

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